Privacy Policy’s Privacy Policy is written to outline what happens to the personal data of users who visit the website. It stipulates how the data is collected, how it’s managed, what it’s used for, and how long our retention policy is.

The privacy policy applies to all kinds of personal information collected by ResultCambodia for processing.

Introduction to the ResultCambodia Privacy Policy

The ResultCambodia privacy policy outlines the types of information that might be collected from you and processed by our team. For GDPR and other data protection regulatory frameworks, the term “processing” refers to how information is being collected, stored, managed, and transferred or modified once it is in ResultCambodia’s possession.

Please go through the entire document to make sure you agree with all of its stipulations. If you disagree with any of the data processing methods, you are free to leave ResultCambodia and discontinue the use of the website.

ResultCambodia is committed to ensuring the integrity and privacy of collected data. All of the website visitors are entitled to a full understanding of our procedures. Keep in mind that our policies comply with GDPR and other data protection requirements. As a part of our legal obligations, we have to provide you with detailed information about how your data is being processed.

ResultCambodia will never distribute, share, sell, or reveal any of the personal information that’s collected as a part of running the website. We do not submit such data to third parties unless an exception is outlined in one of the sections of this privacy policy.

Potential Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may change the privacy policy occasionally to reflect new regulatory requirements. We are obliged to do so in an attempt to ensure complete compliance. Please check the privacy policy section periodically to acquaint yourself with any future changes and make sure that you agree with them.

Types of Information We Process

To run effectively, ResultCambodia may collect all of the following kinds of personal information:

  • Name and contact details of individual website visitors
  • Date of birth, age, gender
  • Nationality
  • Analytics and marketing data
  • Information we may have obtained about website visitors from third parties
  • All types of information that individual website visitors decide to share with us via the ResultCambodia contact form

All of these personal information types can be processed for the following purposes:

  • For the verification of individual user identities
  • For security purposes
  • To provide individual website visitors with relevant content suggestions and other information of personal importance
  • To assist legal authorities whenever an investigation is taking place

All of the information mentioned above is stored in the ResultCambodia database. We can assure you that the data is adequately protected and that it will never be personally identifiable.

Sources of Personal Information for ResultCambodia

ResultCambodia can and may collect personal information in the following ways:

  • All kinds of information provided when a website visitor fills out the ResultCambodia contact form
  • The information generated automatically whenever a person visits the website
  • Any information provided whenever a person fills out a form or engages in an online discussion via ResultCambodia

All such kinds of data have to be processed to give website visitors relevant content and suggestions. We follow best practices when it comes to data collection, processing, content creation, marketing, research, and analysis.

Will My Information Be Shared with Third Parties?

If you decide to share any information via ResultCambodia, you acknowledge the fact that whatever you publish is going to be publicly available for others to see and respond to. Third parties could also view that information and decide to engage with you.

It is up to you to decide if you are going to publish anything. If you do, you are also responsible for the protection of your personal information. Since you will be posting on a public website, we advise you to use your common sense whenever sharing anything with the ResultCambodia audience.

If you want to have any of the information you publish removed, get in touch with us. Keep in mind, however, that the ResultCambodia team will be the one to decide whether anything shared publicly is going to be removed or not.

Depending on the specific regulatory framework, we may be obliged to share some of your personal information with governmental agencies and/or other third parties.

ResultCambodia Website Content Removal

ResultCambodia is a public online platform. Anyone can publish content on it. The ResultCambodia team is responsible for monitoring such visitor publications and making sure they don’t violate some of our policies.

We will remove posts that are offensive or inflammatory. The ResultCambodia team, however, is not going to erase publications that some may disagree with or feel personally offended by.

If you believe that any publication on the website is racist, sexist, or discriminatory/aggravating in any other way, please get in touch with us via the contact form. We will do our best to moderate and eliminate aggravating or derogatory content.

Consent Withdrawal

ResultCambodia is obliged to provide access to the personal information we have collected about you. You can make such a request at any given time. You can send us a message to request the information that has been stored about you.

It’s also essential to get in touch with us if you want to withdraw your consent for the processing of personal information.

ResultCambodia Cookies

A cookie is a small file that your browser puts on your computer when you visit a specific website. The cookie allows the storage of online communication that’s accessed when browsing offline. It allows for faster website loading and even for the personalization of the content.

Cookies have an expiration date, after which they’re removed from the computer. If you decide to, however, you can delete cookies manually at any given time.

ResultCambodia may use cookies in one or more of the following ways:

  • For website use tracking
  • To see if a specific message has been displayed during a website visit
  • For the maintenance of information about survey and poll results

Information about requests made via your web browser could also be saved. That information can include your location, your IP address, and others. We may also store some information about your computer software so that we can ensure a better user experience.

Third-Party Ads and Content

Advertising via third parties can occasionally occur via ResultCambodia.

Depending on the nature of the advertising campaign or partnership, information about the ResultCambodia visitors can be collected.

To collect such data, we will use cookies. Keep in mind, however, that the information gathered and processed is not going to be personally identifiable.

Data Processing for Outside the EU

ResultCambodia is hosted outside of the European Union. This means that some of the personal information we will be processing is going to be coming out of EU member states. As per the latest regulatory framework, personal data arising from within EU countries can still be processed outside the Union.

ResultCambodia’s policies are fully compliant with the GDPR.

Data Retention

Personal information is only going to be stored and processed for the amount of time required to provide visitors with high-quality content.

Some personal data could be stored for more extended periods to ensure regulatory compliance. We are required to maintain such records to defend ourselves or assist the authorities in the event of legal action.

Your Rights Under Data Protection Regulatory Frameworks

GDPR and other international data protection laws give website visitors certain rights and responsibilities. You, as a ResultCambodia visitor, are entitled to the following protections:

  • The right to find out what kinds of personal information are being processed
  • The right to request a correction or removal of your personal information from our database
  • The right to object to data collection methods
  • The right to limit the types and amount of personal information being processed
  • The right to be forgotten
  • The right to move or copy your personal information

If you object with the rights mentioned above and obligations, do get in touch with the ResultCambodia team. We will do our best to assist you promptly.

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