5D Lottery

While the 4D format is popular in Cambodia and across Asia, there are variations and other fun games worth exploring. The 5D Pan Cambodian Lottery is one of them.

This is a lottery under the umbrella of the Pan Cambodian Lottery Corporation limited. The entity was set up in 2011, which means it already has some solid experience in planning and organizing games of luck in Cambodia.

One of the first games in the portfolio of the Pan Cambodian Lottery Corporation was launched in 2015. Since then, the Lottery has grown in popularity. Each drawing attracts a large number of players – people who are interested in turning their fate and fortune around (as well as those who simply enjoy a game of luck).

Playing the 5D Lottery is a reasonably simple task. The following review will acquaint you with the basics and teach you how to optimize your chances of success.

How to Play the 5D Pan-Cambodian Lottery?

Let’s start with the basics, to play the 5D Lottery in Cambodia; you will have to select a five-digit number in the range from 00000 to 99999. You can have all of the digits being different, or you can repeat one or more of them. Hence, both 15947 and 33318 are legitimate entries in 5DLottery.

Each of the winning digits is selected from a separate ball sphere during a live drawing. That drawing is broadcast online so that players can see their digits being chosen in a fair and completely unbiased manner.

5D Pan-Cambodian Lottery drawings take place multiple times per day. Hence, you have many opportunities to win a prize and test your luck.

Unfortunately, the 5D Lottery website does not provide an awful lot of information about the rules, the cost of an individual ticket, and the other essentials a player should know. If you know Khmer, you can acquire some additional information from the official Facebook profile of the Pan-Cambodian 5D Lottery.

The profile is quite lively, a large number of people follow it, and it features information about the latest 5D lottery developments, as well as the ways to play the game. You can also find testimonials and reviews written by actual people who have played and/or won from 5DLottery. This information is beneficial, as it helps you rest assured that the 5D Pan Cambodian Lottery is not a scam.

You can acquire 5D Pan-Cambodian Lottery tickets from various retail venues in Cambodia. There are no restrictions when it comes to the nationality of the people who play the game. Cambodia is known as a lottery haven, and it attracts many people from other countries who are interested in games of luck. Anyone who resides legally on the territory of Cambodia is free to give 5D Lottery, as well as the other local lotteries a try.

At the time being, there doesn’t seem to be an opportunity to play the 5D Lotto online. You will have to physically be in the country and visit a retail venue to acquire your playslip.

5D Lottery Prizes and Payouts

Four lucky numbers will be selected in each of the Cambodian 5D Lottery daily drawings. If you match the number (both the digits and the order in which these have been chosen), you will be entitled to the respective prize tier.

Through the years, there have been numerous big winners.

One inspiring story is that of Saing Saman. In March 2015, Saing won 10 million riels from the Pan-Cambodian 5D Lottery. The most curious thing about his situation was that Saing Saman had never played the Lottery before. He was approached by a vendor who explained how the Lottery worked. On a whim, Saing bought 10 tickets. Little did he know that one of the entries would result in the acquisition of the grand prize.

It is a common occurrence for players to claim several million riels as a result of playing the Lotto.

Soun Pronh is another lucky player who claimed a top prize of three million riels from the 5D Lottery. Previously, Soun had played other Cambodian lotteries, but he hadn’t managed to score big prizes. The first time he decided to play the 5D Lottery, he won a big prize. Just like many of the other winners in Cambodia, Soun announced pretty modest ideas for the prize – buying a motorbike and helping his family.

The 5D Lottery’s official website does not provide information about the number of times players have to claim their prize in the event of winning. There’s also no outlined procedure for coming forward to make a prize claim.

Pan Cambodian Lottery Corporation does share its address, and there’s also a telephone hotline that winners can use to get in touch with the customer support team. If you do win anything out of the Lottery, try to get in touch with Pan Cambodian Lottery Corporation as early as possible because there’s a limited amount of time for making a claim.

5D Lottery in Cambodia: Checking the Results

Are you interested in the 5D Lottery result? There are several opportunities for finding out if you’ve won anything.

For a start, you can watch the live stream online as the lucky digits are being drawn. The information will also be published on the 5D Lottery Cambodia website. There, you will also find information about past drawings and the sums that the players can claim.

5D Lottery’s Facebook page is another excellent information source, as well as results, are concerned.

We are also here for you if you need guidance and reliable information about the Cambodian lotteries. We publish the latest 5D Lottery result as soon as it becomes available. The website is also known for its extensive database, where you will find all of the past results that you may need to fine-tune your gameplay strategy.

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