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Do you like 4D lotteries? They’re a lot of fun because you get to choose many aspects of your gameplay. If this is your favorite format, you’ll probably enjoy Cambodia’s Allure Lotto.

Cambodia is a real heaven for those playing the lottery. There are numerous opportunities, most of them being streamed live for added credibility. Playing Allure Lotto live today is one of the many legitimate chances to win some cash and check your luck.

Allure Lotto is organized by a registered company that operates on the territory of Myanmar. It’s committed to expanding its activities to multiple Asian countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

So, what does it take the Allure Lotto 4D game, and what are your options for winning some money? Check out the essentials in the following Allure Lotto review.

How to Play Allure Lotto 4D

Allure Lotto Live offers players in Cambodia and other Asian countries a classic 4D style game.

To play, you will have to choose one four-digit number in the range from 0000 to 9999. You can repeat one or more of the digits or select different ones for each position – this is entirely up to you. For a chance to win, you have to match the four numbers drawn and the order in which they’re going to be selected.

Apart from choosing their numbers, players are in control of two other aspects of conquering Allure Lotto. There are five different betting choices. The player can also determine what sum they’re going to put on their bet. The minimum amount for an Allure Lotto 4D bet is one dollar.

Now, let’s check out the different betting possibilities.

The classic choices are the 4D small and 4D big bet.

The small bet makes players eligible for only one of three top prizes. Since the number of awards is limited, the sums are more significant. A big bet has more rewards, but the size of each sum is going to be smaller.

There are also 4D A, 3D ABC, and 3D A bets.

A 4D A bet makes players eligible for only one top prize. Since this is the riskiest kind of bet, it produces the biggest prize. The 3D ABC bet has players matching only the last three digits selected. Finally, the 3D A bet has players choosing the last three digits of the top prize 4D number. Since there is only one award tier, the sums are bigger than in the event of the 3D ABC bet.

Allure Lotto does not provide information about how players can get their tickets. There are potentially numerous retail venues in partnership with the organizer, giving local players a prize to go over there and get their ticket.

At the time being, Allure Lotto does not offer its players a chance to buy lottery tickets online. While the drawings are broadcast live and online, chances to acquire tickets digitally are still missing. We can only hope this missed opportunity is going to be addressed in the future.

Allure Lotto Prizes

The amount you’re going to win in the Allure Lotto 4D game depends on the type of bet and the amount you place on it.

Let’s start with the 4D small bet. If you put a single dollar on your ticket and you match the top prize four-digit number, you are going to win 3,500 dollars. The second prize is 2,000 dollars, and the third prize is 1,000 dollars.

Your 4D big bet top prize is 2,500 dollars, the second prize is 1,000 dollars, and the third prize is 500 dollars. Players will also be entitled to 10 starter prizes of 200 dollars and 10 consolation prizes of 60 dollars.

Since the 4D A bet offers only one award, it results in the biggest payout. The amount is 6,000 dollars for a single-dollar bet. That means you’re going to be getting returns of x6,000 times!

The 3D ABC and 3D awards are the smallest ones. 3D A players are entitled to one prize of 660 dollars. 3D ABC produces three prizes – the first one is 250 dollars, the second one is 210 dollars, and the third one is 150 dollars.

Placing a more substantial amount on your bet will make you entitled to a more massive payout, but you also increase the risk of losing a significant sum. Hence, it’s essential to play Allure Lotto and other Cambodian lotteries responsibly.

Allure Lotto doesn’t provide a lot of details when it comes to the prize claim procedure. The good news is that the Contact page of the Allure Lotto official website features addresses in all of the countries where the lottery is available. There isn’t a phone number, but you can use the contact form on the website to learn a bit more.

Checking the Latest Allure Lotto Result

Since we don’t have precise information about the amount of time you have to claim a prize you’ve won from Allure Lotto, it’s in your best interest to check out the latest Allure Lotto result as soon as possible.

Luckily, you have several options for accomplishing the goal.

For a start, you can watch the live daily drawing on the Allure Lotto website. There will be an announcement about the Allure Lotto live today drawing, and after the broadcast gets finished, the information will also be published.

It’s also our intention to make the Allure Lotto results available as soon as the latest drawing takes place.

Check out the information here, and you’ll also effortlessly access our Allure Lotto results archive. Having access to such data is quite beneficial in terms of fine-tuning your gameplay strategy. Good luck!

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