New Win Lotto

If you’re looking for versatility from your Cambodia lotteries, you have to try New Win Lotto. With eight distinct betting choices, it doesn’t get any more diversified than that.

The lottery was set up and launched back in 1997. Its primary purpose was to offer a fun betting option that would also generate funds and give back to various Asian communities. Yes, that’s right, New Win Lotto isn’t just available in Cambodia.

New Win Lotto is legal, authorized, and following all Cambodia betting and gambling regulations. The organizer of the game has also set up the New Win Lotto Grants Board that is utilized to provide funding to an array of charitable causes.

So, how exactly do you play and make use of all the betting options? Check out the following New Win Lotto review to acquaint yourself with the essentials.

New Win Lotto Rules and How to Play

When you play New Win Lotto, you can choose between 6D, 4D, 3D, and 2D bets. This means that if you choose a six-digit (6D) bet, you will have to select a six-digit number in the range from 000000 to 999999. If you select a two-digit bet, you’ll have a digit on your ticket in the range from 00 to 99.

Players also have the freedom to decide what sum they’re going to attach to their bet. The wager amount will be determinative for the payout in the event of winning.

Still, it’s important to play responsibly and refrain from overspending.

New Win Lotto drawings take place daily. Each drawing is recorded, and broadcast live on the game’s website. The live drawing occurs every day at 7 p.m. Cambodian time.

Ok, now let’s take a look at the different types of bets themselves.

The 6D bet offers only one option. There are also 4D Big, 4D Small, and 4D A bets. These are precisely the same as the 4D bets for other similar games available in Asia. The 4D Big bet offers smaller payouts but a bigger range of rewards. The 4D Small bet has only three prizes, but they’re bigger than the top three prizes in the 4D Big bet. Finally, the 4D A bet offers just one reward, and it’s the biggest one.

There is also a 3D A, a 2D A, a 3D ABC, and a 2D ABC bet. You can discover all of the details about the specifics of those bets on the New Win Lotto official website.

Starting on October 1, 2019, New Win Lotto has offered an additional opportunity called Super Lucky. The New Win Super Lucky bonus applies to 4D Big and 4D Small bets. The minimum bet amount is one USD or RM4.

You can find additional information about the specifics of the bonus and how to become eligible for it by visiting the official New Win Lotto website.

New Win Lotto doesn’t provide additional information about how tickets can be bought. It means that online ticket buying is probably not available. The chances are that the tickets can be purchased at New Win Lotto retail venues in Cambodia. As the company organizing the game is affiliated with local casinos, these are probably used to give players chances to buy tickets and cash out their prizes.

Let’s see what the prizes are for a bet of a single dollar and depending on the specific gameplay mode selected.

If you select the 6D bet, the first prize for a single-dollar wager would be 100,000 dollars. There’s also a second prize of 3,000 dollars, the third prize of 300 dollars, 10 starter prizes of 30 dollars, and 10 consolation prizes of four dollars.

The 4D Big bet is characterized by the first prize of 2,500 dollars, the second prize of 1,000 dollars, the third prize of 500 dollars, 10 starter prizes of 200 dollars, and 10 consolation prizes of 60 dollars. The 4D Small bet has only a first, a second, and the third prize of 3,500, 2,000, and 1,000 dollars, respectively.

Prizes for the other kinds of bets are smaller. The odds of winning those rewards are also better. So, it’s really up to the player to decide whether they’re going to pursue a big reward or better chances of winning something.

New Win Lotto 4D guarantees the full payout of the prizes being advertised. Cambodia does not impose income taxes on lottery rewards. Thus, the New Win Lotto reward that you’re promised is the one that you’re going to cash out in the event of winning.

The company that organizes the game doesn’t provide additional information about how the payouts are to be received and what the timeframe for receiving the money is going to be. You can, however, call New Win Lotto or visit their headquarters address in Cambodia to find a bit more about these essentials.

Checking the Latest New Win Lotto 4D Result

The latest New Win Lotto result can be checked out in a couple of reliable ways.

As already mentioned, this is a Cambodian game that offers live draws you can watch online. The video stream is available via the New Win Lotto official website. If you miss the live drawing of the results, the recordings will still be accessible later on.

The New Win Lotto website also contains the latest drawn numbers, as well as a detailed results archive you can check out to see past lucky combinations.

We also give you access to the latest New Win Lotto 4D results. We do our best to update the information as soon as the new drawing is finalized.

We intend to create a comprehensive and reliable source of information for everything related to Cambodian lotteries. Thus, you can discover useful tips and results archives that go back in time to help you fine-tune your gameplay strategy.

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