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It seems that the 4D lottery format is pretty popular in Cambodia. The country has more than one operator offering some variety of the game. There are various reasons why the format attracts so many followers. It provides flexibility in both the type of bet and the amount that the player places on that bet. Hence, just about anyone can give a 4-digit lottery a try.

Super 4D Cambodia is yet another such game available for testing out if you’re on the territory of the country.

If you’ve played a four-digit game before, you already have some idea about the format and the rules. Here are all of the additional specifics you should keep in mind when it comes to playing Super 4D Cambodia live.

Playing Super 4D Cambodia Live

If you need information about Super 4D Cambodia, you shouldn’t go to the lottery’s website. Unfortunately, it features almost nothing. The most you’ll obtain from it is the latest Super 4D Cambodia result.

Based on our research, we’ve managed to accumulate some valuable insight into the game.

Super 4D Cambodia is a standard four-digit game. For a chance to win a prize, you will have to choose a four-digit number in the range from 0000 to 9999. The four digits can be different, or you can repeat some or all of them. Both 3905 and 3553 are valid entries.

When buying their ticket, players will also have to select the type of bet they want to place and the sum that they’re betting.

Four-digit lotteries have two standard bet varieties – big and small bet. The big bet has a more significant number of prizes, but the individual payouts are more modest. A small bet offers only a first, second, and third prize. To compensate players for the fewer winning opportunities, the small bet offers more massive individual payouts.

The minimum bet is one dollar, and it’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to go higher. A piece of general advice is to choose a sum that you feel comfortable spending on a ticket. While a more substantial amount will result in a bigger payout, it can also contribute to severe financial troubles if you don’t match the winning number. Hence, you should exercise caution and common sense when playing the lottery.

Super 4D Cambodia live drawings take place daily. You can watch the selection of the winning four-digit numbers on the company’s website (more information about checking Super 4D Cambodia results today will be provided in one of the following sections).

Currently, Super 4D Cambodia tickets can be purchased only on the territory of the country. International ticket sales online aren’t supported. While the Super 4D Cambodia website features an app section, it doesn’t lead to anything. There are probably plans for expansion of the gaming opportunity in the future, but these aren’t available yet.

Super 4D Cambodia Prizes and Payouts

Let’s take a look at the prizes you can win if you place a bet of one dollar.

You will need to check the number drawn for each of the prize tiers. If your four-digit number matches one of those, you will win the respective amount.

The small bet has a first prize of 3,500 dollars, the second prize of 2,000 dollars, and the third prize of 1,000 dollars.

In the case of a big bet, the first prize is 2,500 dollars, the second prize is 1,000 dollars, and the third prize is 500 dollars. There will also be 10 starter prizes of 200 dollars each and 10 consolation prizes of 60 dollars each. In total, 23 lucky four-digit numbers will be drawn to determine the big bet awards.

Super 4D Cambodia also offers bonus pools and exclusive gaming opportunities for its members. To access those, you will have to spend more on your bet. Those who pay for the add-on opportunity can enjoy additional prizes. The super bonus is 100 percent of the first prize. Thus, if you win the first prize of 2,500 dollars and you activate the super bonus, you will win 5,000 dollars. The second prize id 50 percent of the second award, and the third prize is 30 percent of the third tier.

The Super 4D Cambodia bonus applies to both big and small bet prizes.

The game’s website features a detailed explanation and a calculation of the additional amount you’ll have to spend on your ticket to activate the bonus. Examples of payouts are also provided to clarify the concept further.

If you win any sum from Super 4D Cambodia, you will need to get in touch with the organizer to learn more about payouts. The company that holds the game has made a phone number available for the purpose. Do call to learn where and how you can receive the amount that you acquired. A specific prize claim procedure is currently not listed on the official Super 4D Cambodia website or the lottery’s social media profiles.

Where to Check Super 4D Cambodia Results

The Super 4D Cambodia result today drawing is recorded, and broadcast live online. If you want to have immediate access to the latest results, tune into the Super 4D Cambodia website and watch the four-digit numbers being chosen.

The website also features an archive of previous results you can always access for reference purposes.

Our website is another excellent resource for everything related to Cambodian lotteries. If you want to get the latest Super 4D Cambodia results, you have come to the right place. We make the information available as soon as the daily drawing takes place. Our archive is also extensive, giving you a chance to determine hot and cold numbers you could play in the future for higher success levels.

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